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New. Celestron go-to scopes software upgrade service.


If you purchased your NexStar telescope from us we offer a free software upgrade service.

Even if out of warranty. Another reason to buy locally.

If purchased elsewhere, there will be a charge for this service.


NexStar SE XLT Go To Series

 A range of highly portable telescopes featuring high quality optical systems and packed with advanced features and a 40,000 object database.



4SE XLT      4"  In Stock   £ 599.99
5SE XLT      5"  Show Model for sale.   £ 899.99
6SE XLT      6"  On Order.   £ 1149.99

8SE XLT      8"    Long delay



New AstroMaster telescopes

A range of low price beginners telescopes.

AstroMaster 70mm Refractor with AZ Mount & Tripod.  In Stock. £ 139.00
AstroMaster LT 70mm Refractor Alt/Az  (light weight)     
AstroMaster 114mm Newtonian with EQ Mount & Tripod.   
AstroMaster 130mm Newtonian with EQ Mount & Tripod.    In Stock £ 239.00
Celestron NexStar 127 SLT Computerised Telescope NexStar SLT Go-To Range

A range of Go-To beginners telescopes with advanced features. Includes 4000 object database and the revolutionary Sky-Align easy alignment system.


NexStar 6" SCT . On order    
NexStar 5" SCT   In Stock    
NexStar 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain  In Stock   £ 599.99
NexStar 102mm Refractor    
NexStar 114mm Short Newtonian    
NexStar 130mm Newtonian  In Stock   £ 489.99
NexStar 90mm  Maksutov-Cassegrain    



Evolution Series

Explore the Universe and control your NexStar Evolution telescope with the free Celestron SkyPortal app for iOS and Android!

Compact, portable 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube with StarBright XLT optical coatings. Computerized GoTo mount with high-performance brass worm gears and motors for improved tracking accuracy, along with reduced gear backlash.

Rechargeable lithium-iron phosphate battery with enough power for 10 hours of continuous observing


5" SCT Wi-Fi

6" SCT Wi-Fi   £1499.00
8" SCT Wi-Fi     £1999.00

Starsense Series

Celestron has reinvented the manual telescope with StarSense Exploreróthe first telescope that uses your smartphone to analyze the night sky and calculate its position in real time. StarSense Explorer is ideal for beginners thanks to the appís user-friendly interface and detailed tutorials. Itís like having your own personal tour guide of the night sky.


Explorer DX 5" SCT        In Stock   £ £ 499.00
Explorer DX 6" SCT  In stock Buy today save £ 50.00   £ £ 699.00
Explorer LT 127mm AZ   On Order   £ 229.00
Explorer LT 70mm AZ    In stock   £ 149.00

Inspire Series

The Inspire refractor telescope is perfect for terrestrial and celestial viewing on the go. The Inspire 90AZ features a large aperture. Iits short tube offers a wide field of view perfectly suited for viewing the planets, moon, star clusters and brighter deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy at night and with the erect image star diagonal makes the optical tube ideal for using as a spotting scope during the day.


90mm AZ   On order    

SkyPortal:  Add Wi-Fi to any goto scope £ 169.99 In stock

  Please note: This is only a selection of Telescopes from these ranges, please contact us for more information.



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