Sky Watcher Pro-Series Telescopes

PRO-SERIES is the name for the new generation of professional quality telescopes and mounts of the Sky-Watcher range, targeted at the most discerning and critical observers.

Pro series computerized mounts 

PRO-SERIES products are manufactured to extremely 
high levels of optical and mechanical precision, undergoing very strict quality control procedures and testing by specially assigned technicians, to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance are consistently maintained

HEQ5 Pro SkyScan go-to extra heavy mount and tripod.   816.00
EQ6 Pro SkyScan go-to super heavy mount and tripod   1020.25
Pro series mount upgrades 

Upgrade your standard mount to pro precision  

EQ3-2 upgrade kit   305.25
EQ5 upgrade kit   305.25
HEQ5 upgrade kit   305.25
EQ6 upgrade kit   305.25
Pro series Masukov-Cassengrains 
SkyMax 150mm Pro optical tube only  : new black diamond model   599.00
Case for above      95.00
SkyMax 180mm Pro optical tube only  : new black diamond model   899.00
SkyMax 150mm on EQ5 Mount   834.00
SkyMax 150mm on HEQ-5 Mount   1133.00
SkyMax 150mm on HEQ5 pro go to mount 1450.00
SkyMax 150mm on EQ6 Pro go to mount   1674.00
SkyMax 180mm Pro on HEQ-5 Mount   1384.00
SkyMax 180mm Pro on HEQ5 pro mount   1704.00
SkyMax 180mm Pro on EQ6 Pro mount   1928.00

Pro Series ED refractors

Extra-low Dispersion glass allows the optical designer to virtually eliminate chromatic aberration (false color fringing around bright objects), which results in higher resolution and superior contrast in the images.

Evostar 80mm ED DS-Pro fluorite optical tube set F600   499.00
EvoStar 100mm ED DS-Pro fluorite optical tube set F900    729.00
EvoStar 120mm ED DS-Pro fluorite optical tube set  F900   1149.00
Equinox-66 Pro Fluorite ED optical tube only   319.00
Equinox-80 Pro Fluorite ED optical tube only   549.00
  Equinox-100 Pro Fluorite ED optical tube only   889.00
  Equinox-120 Pro Fluorite ED optical tube only   1429.00

 All the above optical tubes are available as package deals with SkyScan Pro mounts

Pro series accessories
GPS Mouse Upgrade for all pro series mounts    102.00
V3 updateable handset for V2 owners    172.50
Pillar mount support for HEQ-5 Mount   162.50
Pillar mount support for EQ6 mount   172.50

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