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SkyWatcher Telescopes   

I have used a great number of telescopes; some are good, some mediocre and some bad. To me the Sky-Watcher range of instruments are very good indeed, and suited to amateurs of all kinds – and they are not priced out of the market! Excellent value.
Use them and enjoy them.“
Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS


  We will always try to match or beat any other UK Astronomy shop prices.    

Skyliner-200P FlexTube  New Sky-liner flex tube Dobsonian Telescopes

The new FlexTubeTM Dobsonians all feature retactable OTA’s, making them easy to transport and store, offering the ultimate flexibility for owning an otherwise large telescope. They all feature 2-part telescope tubes attached with 3-arm supports. When in use the tube is fully extended and each arm’s axis is clamped to ensure a rigid optical system. After use, the clamps can be loosened and the tube retracted into a convenient compact size. Owning a large telescope has never been so easy!!

This is only a small selection from the range

6" 150mm f:5    Classic solid tube   £ 239.00
8" 200mm f:5    Classic solid tube   £ 339.00
14" (350mm) Focal length 1600mm f:4.5 £ 1429.00
16" Flextube  

£ 1899.00

16" go-to Synscan  

£ 2599.00



 SkyMax Maksutov-Cassegrain
90mm optical tube only   £ 155.00
SkyMax 90. 90mm on EQ1 mount & tripod  To Order £ 209.00
102mm on EQ2 mount & tripod   £ 315.00
127mm on EQ3-2 mount & tripod    £ 525.00


Explorer Newtonian Reflectors


  Group test winner   SkyHawk 114P

 Parabolic Newtonian Telescope f:500  4.5"

£ 159.00
5" 130mm   f/900   £ 179.00
5" 130mm New Model with parabolic mirror


£ 239.00
6" 150mm on EQ3-2Mount   Short tube 750mm focal length

£ 359.00

6" 150mm on EQ3-2Mount   long tube 1200mm focal length £ 329.00

6" 150mm on EQ3-2 Mount with duel speed Crayford focuser 


£ 448.00




This is only a small selection from the range


Startravel 80mm eq1 mount & tripod

Star-Travel short tube refractors
80mm on EQ1 mount    To Order   £ 169.00
80mm on EQ1 Table top mount    To Order   £ 129.00
70mm on AZ3 Mount (Mercury 705) To Order  £ 129.00
80mm on AZ3 Mount & Tripod Display model £ 175.00
102mm on AZ3 mount & Tripod To Order 

£ 239.00

102mm on EQ1 mount To Order  £ 219.00
120mm on EQ3-2 mount    To Order  £ 429.00
120mm on AZ3 mount & tripod   £ 349.00
150mm on EQ5 mount To Order  £ 808.00


EvoStar long tube refractors


90mm on alt/az mount £ 169.00
90mm on EQ2 mount 


  £ 189.00
90mm on EQ3-2 mount   



£ 279.00
102mm on EQ3-2 mount £ 379.00
120mm on EQ3-2 mount      

£ 439.00
120mm on EQ5 mount    


  £ 509.00
120mm on EQ-5 SkyScan mount  £ 928.00
150mm on EQ5 mount     £ 878.00
150mm on HEQ-5 Pro SynScan mount £ 1498.00
150mm on EQ6 pro  SynScan mount £ 1748.00
CAPRICORN-70 (EQ1) Other Models
Capricorn 70mm refractor  EQ1 Mount & Tripod Display model. On offer

 £ 115.00

£ 125.00
Sky Hawk 114mm Newtonian on EQ1 Mount   £ 139.00
Fine Brass 60mm    £  269.00

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