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New. Celestron go-to scopes software upgrade service.


If you purchased your NexStar telescope from us we offer a free software upgrade service.

Even if out of warranty. Another reason to buy locally.

If purchased elsewhere, there will be a charge for this service.


Notes: I personally use this range of telescopes.

I can recommend then as a easy to set up portable scope, with very good optics.


NexStar SE XLT Go To Series

Special offer A range of highly portable telescopes featuring high quality optical systems and packed with advanced features and a 40,000 object database.

4SE XLT On Display Show model only 579.00 599.00
5 SE 125mm SCT 
(329x Light gathering power)  
8 SE 200mm SCT 
(843x Light gathering power)


This is one of the best value ranges of go to scopes on the market today.

Lightweight, even the 8" is portable.



NexStar Evolution

 A range of highly portable telescopes featuring high quality optical systems and packed with advanced features and a 120,000 object database.

Wi-Fi telescopes can be controlled by Apple Ipad, IPhone or android smart phone or Tablet



    List Price
5" 125mm SCT To order only 1225.00
6" 150mm SCT 
(459x Light gathering power)
To order only 1425.00
8"  200mm SCT 
(843x Light gathering power)
To order only




9.25" 235mm SCT To order only 2475.00

New. 8" 200m HD with Star sense auto set up

To order only




New AstroMaster telescopes

A range of low price  beginners telescopes.

AstroMaster 130mm Newtonian with EQ Mount & Tripod.

On Display

AstroMaster 80mm Refractor with EQ Mount & Tripod.

 On display / In stock

AstroMaster 70mm Refractor  with AZ Mount & Tripod.  110.00
Image New Advanced VX Series Go To Telescope Series

Medium to large Go-To telescopes for the intermediate level astronomers.

5" SCT   1449.00
6" SCT   1599.00
8" SCT   1849.00
9.25" SCT   2299.00
8" EDGE HD   2175.00
6" Newtonian   1149.00
8" Newtonian   1340.00
6" Refractor   1799.00
Celestron NexStar 127 SLT Computerised Telescope NexStar SLT Go-To Range

A range of Go-To beginners telescopes with advanced features. Includes 4000 object database and the revolutionary Sky-Align easy alignment system.


102mm Maksutov-Cassegrain On Display/ In Stock   449.00
5" SCT To Order 579.00
6" SCT To Order 679.00
130mm Newtonian  To Order 499.00



Astro wi-fi 6" Telescope

New Astro Wi-Fi

Control with you phone/tablet.  Free apps.



130mm Newtonian reflector To order only 399.00
125mm 5" Schmidt-Cassegrain To order only  549.00


150mm 6" Schmidt-Cassegrain To order only  649.00

The Celestron Professional Computerized Series are high performance, fork mounted telescopes.

8"  200mm SCT  All to order 2225.00
9.25" 235mm SCT   2799.00
11"   280mm SCT   3699.00
  8" HD Optics   2950.00
9.25" HD Optics   4300.00
Optical tube may be ordered , please enquire for details and prices.
All the above telescopes are only a selection of Celestron scopes. We are a main dealer and can obtain any telescope from their uk range.


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