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Philips astronomy books & charts 
We keep most of the Philips range of book, charts and astronomy packs in stock. 
Sussex Astronomy Centre for all your Astronomy Books Guide to the stars and planets by Sir Patrick Moore 9.99
Stargazing with a telescope by Robin Scagell 7.99
Practical Astronomy by Storm Dunlop 9.99
Guide to the northern constellations by Robin Scagell  3.50
Astronomy Dictionary  7.99
Astrophotography by David Malin 9.99
Moon. Sussex Astronomy Centre The sky at night by Sir Patrick Moore 9.99
Moon map 6.99
Deep sky chart  6.99
Star Chart  5.99
Atlas of the universe (hardback) 25.00
Complete guide to stargazing by Robin Scagell (hardback) 25.00
Night sky atlas by Robin Scagell 14.99
Atlas of the stars and planets by Ian Ridpath 10.99
Books Sussex Astronomy Centre Sun observers guide 9.99
Mars observers guide 9.99
Moon observers guide 9.99
Deep sky observers guide 9.99
Solar system observers guide 9.99


Solar system observer : Solar system observers guide, solar system chart and poster solar system phenomena 12.99


Caldwell. Sussex Astronomy Centre

Cambridge university press books 

Turn left at orion from Sussex Astronomy Centre    Turn left at Orion (must have book)






Deep-Sky Companions series by Stephen O'Meara
The Caldwell Objects   out of print 26.00
The Messier Objects  26.00
Hidden Treasures  26.00
Herschel 400 observing guide  35.00

Practical Amateur Astronomy series

How to use a computerized telescope  19.99
Celestial objects for the modern telescope 19.99
Handbook of CCD Astronomy by Steve Howell 24.99
The observing guide to the Messier Marathon  19.99
Urban Astronomy by Denis Berthier   12.99
Guide to observing and discovering comets by David Levy 14.99
Guide to variable stars by David Levy 18.99
Cambridge star atlas 23.00
Cambridge Dictionary of astronomy 19.99

Books by other publishers and suppliers 

Celestron Sky Maps  12.50
Norton's Star atlas and reference handbook by Ian Ridpath  17.99

The above is only a small selection from our full range





     Posters at Sussex Astronomy Centre          
All our posters are the same low price. 2.00
Nature posters


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Bird watching and nature books 
Bird watching books. Sussex Astronomy Centre
Philips guide to butterflies of Britain and Ireland 9.99
Philips guide to Birds of Britain and Ireland  9.99
Philips Birds of the world : hardback  25.00
We now stock a range of dvd's for birdwatchers

We will be extending this range as new titles become available 


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