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SCM-200 Junior Microscope 59.00
T-70M Teaching Microscope 59.00
T-70L Teaching Microscope 79.00
P-3A Student Microscope  67.00
P-6A Student Microscope In Stock with free slide starter pack 85.00
Ultra-400M Advanced Student Microscope 109.00
Ultra-400L Advanced Student Microscope 139.00
Ultra-400LA Advanced Student Microscope 169.00
Ultra-400LAX Advanced Student Microscope 199.00
Lumax-1 Advanced Student Cordless LED Microscope 169.00
Lumax-2 Advanced Student Cordless LED Microscope 199.00
BM-100FL Binocular College Microscope 249.00
Ultra-500LM Monocular Laboratory Microscope 345.00
Ultra-500LA Binocular  Laboratory Microscope 435.00
Ultra-500LT Trinocular Laboratory Microscope 475.00
ML-2000B Microlab Binocular Research Microscope 649.00
ML-2000T Microlab Trinocular Research Microscope 699.00
ML-2000TPH Microlab Trinocular Phase Research Microscope 979.00
PM-1 x20 Primary Inspection Microscope 59.00
STM-J x10 Stereoscopic Microscope 79.00
STM-1 x20 Stereoscopic Microscope 79.00
STM-30 x10/x30 Stereoscopic Microscope 139.00
STM-40 x20/x40 Stereoscopic Microscope 155.00
STL-80 x10/x20 long Arm Stereoscopic Microscope 219.00
ST-400 Advanced Stereoscopic Microscope 299.00
STZ-3500 x7-x45 Binocular Zoom Stereoscopic Microscope 449.00
STZ-4500 x7-x45 Trinocular Zoom Stereoscopic Microscope 499.00
Non Branded  Pack of 50 plain microscope glass slides  7.50 

There are a large range of accessories are available for this range

Please note we do not hold the above range in stock. We can order any model. delivery to us is normally 24/48 hours subject to stock.

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