Astro Imaging 

Introducing Astro Imaging
Anyone can take pictures like this with the correct equipment, patience and practice.
ALL pictures on this site were taken by customers or staff using standard equipment supplied by Sussex Astronomy Centre.

Astro Imaging - The Solar System 
  Celestron NexImage 5MP Solar system imaging system 



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Astro Imaging - Deep Space
Nightscape deep space imager 1699.00
Nightscape deep space imager
  • A large 22.5mm diagonal CCD chip offers 8.3 megapixels of resolution. That means capturing a larger swatch of the sky with greater detail than similarly priced CCD cameras.
All the above prices now include vat @ 20%


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Registax Freeware

This software is for 'stacking' images to improve the resolution
WARNING! - If you take a Laptop computer outside in Cold or Damp conditions and then return it straight into a warm room, dew can short out your computer and ruin it. Please turn off while outside when finished and leave 24 hours to dry out before turning on again. If you need to use your pictures / video in the meantime, save it to a memory card and then work on the files on your main computer.
  Eagle Nebula    M27 Dumbbell Nebula

  M57 Ring Nebula      M20 Triffid Nebula 


All the above pictures were taken by Ed Sampson in Goring ...Thank you Ed !


For information on Satellites please go to Heavens Above website



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