Solar Filters

Telescope front cell solar filters 

Baader solar film A4 sheet    22.00
Baader Astrosolar film for photo use 1m x 0.5m  59.00
Baader Astrosolar film for visual use 1m x 0.5m    59.00
Coloured filters for planetary viewing and moon filters
Set of six Baader colour filters   139.00
SkyWatcher moon/Planets filter set (4)   29.99
Various 1.25" moon filters from only   5.00
For further information on the coloured filters you can download our factsheet HERE (requires Acrobat Reader, available from HERE)

Photographic filters for use with CCD imagers & webcams
New 1.25" IR/UV cut filter for imaging 420-680nm 48.00
2" IR/UV cut filter for imaging  80.00
1.25" IR pass filter  40.00
1.25" Oxygen 3 filter 75.00
1.25" UHC-S nebular filter 64.00
Deep space and specialist filters 
1.25" Contrast booster  53.00
2" Contrast booster 85.00
1.25" Fringe killer for refractors 52.00
1.25" Neodymium with IR cut (sky glow) 44.00
1.25" semi APO filter for refractors 81.00

New SkyWatcher 1.25" light pollution filter ideal for any telescope. Must have filter !


The above is only a small selection from our vast range of astronomy filters.


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